Friday, June 11, 2010

Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

Pay for a couples meal at dinner
Plug someones parking meter
Pay for someones coffee or drive thru meal behind you
Read books to children at a local library
Carry someones groceries for them
Buy an extra pair of shoes for a child at a shoe store
Volunteer your time at a nursing home or children's shelter
Donate in-kind items or money to your favorite charity
Host a food, clothing or toy drive at your place of business
Let your employees wear jeans to work if they pay, donate the money to a charity
Make baked goods for a neighbor just because
Contact a utility company and pay for someone that may behind on their bills
Babysit for a friend who really needs a night out
Plant a tree or a garden in someones yard or for a non-profit
Spend time doing something you wouldn't usually do with your child
Bring flowers to a friend who's having a rough day or for no reason at all
Bring food to a fire station in your neighborhood
Send a card to a friend that you haven't talked to in awhile just to say hello
Pay for someone's toll or gas
Buy a toy for a child in a store
Give up your seat or parking spot in a crowd
Adopt a family

If you have any other ideas to share...please post them :)

Or if you've already done yours post a comment on any of our blog entries as we'd love to hear them.

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