Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Smiles...

Taylor would be 9 months today. Every month we are able to celebrate her memory a little more. The best way possible is by doing Random Acts of Kindness with memories of her smile. Friday Mark and I paid for the guys meal behind us in line at In N Out burger and this morning Taylor's daddy gave money to Steve Wampler. He's a man with Cerebral Palsy who is working towards climbing El Capitan. What an inspiration he is So happy Taylor's smile can help him and the kids of his camp.

When we posted our Random Act of Kindness on FB on Friday a few people shared ones that they've done recently...paying for someone's parking and helping an older man with his groceries. Her smile is helping people everywhere. Mommy is so proud of the impact Taylor has made on peoples lives!


Anonymous said...

Katie & Mark,
We miss Taylor so much and we hope this blog & memories of her helps you get through the grief and pain.
When I was visiting my family in Oregon over the weekend, I had an opportunity to share one of Taylor's Act of Kindness cards and an extra $20 with a waitress who was clearly having a bad night. It felt so good to be able to share Taylor's story with her, and see the look of relief on her face when she could see that someone cared about her enough to stop during a busy evening and recognize her existence. People in the service industry are all too often ignored it seems, and she really appreciated it.
I also saw the most beautiful butterfly mobiles in the airport when I was flying back the next day and it made me smile and think of the little Munchkin.
Hope you are doing well - we love you!
Jeff & G

kate said...

hi- sending love and prayers to you both, katie + mark. Read about you on Inside Dirt, Trail runner. May God strengthen you and give you grace

davis CA

Anonymous said...

I am a server at California Pizza Kitchen at the Biltmore and had a not to great morning, two easily satisfied women came in to dine and left a very gracious tip, after reading we smile, she smiles about Taylor it immediately lifted my spirits. I think this is an amazing idea and I will continue to pass random acts of kindness. Thank you so much and we don't have enough people in this world like you all...