Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Wonderful Way to Spread Her Smile

Our dear friend, Lindsay Perry, who purchased the blue bracelets we wear everyday, did another amazing random act of kindness in sweet Taylor's memory. In her engagement/Christmas card she attached one of Taylor's RAOK cards asking all of her friends and family to spread kindness in our little munchkin's name. It's truly amazing the impact our baby girl has had all over. We've received a few notes but understand it's hard to post comments on this blog. If you are unsuccessful posting a comment below, I invite you to share your story with Mark & I by emailing us at
Thank you for spreading her smiles.


Jennifer Zurek said...

Katie and Mark,

I was truly touched by the blog that you have created about your beautiful
daughter. It is such a special way for you and friends and family to remember
her forever. I loved the idea of Random acts of kindness. Wouldn't it be great
if we always lived our life like that! I will make sure I always do. Today I
took 2 bags of stuffed animals to the fire station. When they get a call and a
child is involved they will bring a stuffed animal to the child, so they can
feel safe and loved.

I will have you both in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season.

Jennifer Zurek

Carolyn said...

Katie and Mark,
You do not know me but I am Lindsay Perry's Aunt Carolyn.
Your story touched me because I have had two friends who lost their toddlers in accidents.
I want you to know, in honor of your Taylor, I participated in a winter coat drive for kids in a poor neighborhood.
Most of the kids are living in shelters in Chicago so being warm is important.
This year I went the day they chose their coats and help to fit them. What fun!
They picked their favorite color and told me it had to be big enough to cover their fingers and fit next year.
It was fun to see them smile and say thank you for something every kid needs to get through winter.
Taylor must be smiling too!
I hope you know Taylor will always be in your heart. Don't be afraid to talk about her.
You need to let your friends know it is OK to talk about Taylor because they are wondering what to say.
I learned from my friends that their daughters are still in their hearts 30 years later. And we still talk about them.
And each of them was blessed with another daughter a few years later.
You are lucky to have each other and I hope you can bear this loss together.
Blessings of the Season and hugs for both of you,
Aunt Carolyn