Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Parrallel Life

Sometimes I wonder if there's a parallel life out there somewhere where my sweet girl is growing older, walking and starting to say mama or dada. What I wouldn't do to be in that world...then I could hold her, smell her, celebrate her milestones and relish in the little girl she would be. We crave that feeling of being her mommy and daddy so badly and it's especially tough this holiday season. We were so happy this time last year, with people constantly visiting to meet our little munchkin, her first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday with the family took on a meaning. Now it's so hard to find things to be thankful for, when all we want is our sweet Taylor to be here for her second Thanksgiving and her second Christmas. While we try to get through this time we continue to spread smiles in her honor. Daddy did one the other day by helping the little girls of the Phoenix Girls Choir....and it was so great to see him do it because I know he did it thinking of our sweet girl. We appreaciate all of your love and support but most importantly ask that you continue to spread love and good deeds in honor of our munchkin this Holiday season...

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