Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year...

Toasting in 2011 was the first holiday we've actually been able to celebrate...moving past 2010 was something we were so looking forward to it.  And while we aren't surprised the sadness is still there, we are so relieved to have the "first holiday" without our sweet angel behind us.  It was so hard to partake in any kind of Random Act of Kindness when all we felt was sadness and grief for what should have been.  But with 2011 in front of us, we're working to embrace new adventures. 

Mark's last day at work was on Monday and he's full time focused on opening his running store, iRun in Arcadia.  While it's a dream he's always had, it's unfortunate that it took losing Taylor to make the dream a reality.  Hopefully our Taylor will inspire not only her daddy but people everywhere that have a dream to go after it and know that life is way to short to not take a risk and jump!

I've loved all the emails I've received from people all over that have done or been given Random Acts of Kindness.  Her smile has spread from California all the way to Virginia.
Thank you all for keeping our sweet munchkins smile going!

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