Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Missing You...

Sweet baby girl...the wind is blowing and the windchimes that your great Aunt Patty gave us are jingling in the night air. Daddy and I were just talking about our favorite part of the day...waking you up and that giant grin after a night's sleep. It is such a struggle in our minds between the terrible day we lost you and one of our favorite memories.

We just spent the weekend in Telluride and every little girl we saw cruising down the mountain reminded us of who you could have been. You would have "dominated" the mountain as your daddy said. Last year when we were in Tahoe and you spent your fun weekend with Papa Jack and Grandma Marilyn, we looked at those little girls with such excitement and anticipation of your days on the mountain and our ski trips as a family.

When we were on one of the trail lifts we met a couple who was so elated after a waitress had returned a diamond bracelet they had lost. it was as if they knew we needed to hear their story at that very moment.

Missing you and loving you every second of every day!!!!!!

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