Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Angel with so Much Inspiration

Wow what a whirlwind it has been. Mark and I set on a journey almost one year ago. After losing our sweet angel, Taylor, Mark set on fulfilling his dream of opening a running store. Although we first set our sites on October that quickly became black Friday, then before PF Changs, then Spring...fitting I guess that we would open the store days after the "anniversary" of losing our baby girl. The absolute best way we could honor her memory.

We made it through the week with our eyes set on the prize of the store. Along the way we were touched by random acts of kindness from all over. I started this blog back in the day to highlight the kind things people did and their stories in the name of Taylor. And I know that reading back over the past few posts I've gotten away from the good highlights as the sadness of this time of year has taken over. That is why today I will focus on the good...the good of Mark's store, the good of the stories we received last week, and the good of the family and friends we have every where. Thank you for continuing to keep our munchkin's smile going.

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Khristen said...

Katie... my heart is heavy for you today.