Monday, December 26, 2011

Four More Down and a New Year Ahead

Well we made it through another holiday season and the dreaded four...Halloween, Taylor's Bday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year was no doubt easier than last year and I know that next year will be even easier.  We took some family time and we took some time for ourselves.  We actually bought gifts this year and even gave them to each other.  Next year, we keep saying we'll do the tree, and the lights, and all the decorations again, because we'll have Cade.  But there is that terror, that voice in the back of my head, every time we say it that says "if he makes it that long".  I try to fight it and push that awful voice aside.  It's a terrible way to think and an even worse way to live.  I hope my head is stronger when he actually comes.  And, I hope we can push aside the fear of lose to enjoy each and every moment.  The soft angelic voice that comes, one that I'm sure would be Taylor's, tells me we will.  Tells me we'll be strong and that we'll get through this.  That Cade will grow big and that we'll make many happy memories with love and laughter.  That's the voice I embrace, the voice of my sweet angel.  So, as we head into a New Year and new beginnings, I wish that for all of you...Embrace the Voice, the sweet voice and cherish every moment you have.  Happy New Year.

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