Sunday, March 11, 2012

Your Little Brother

I can't quite describe the emotions of the past month...mainly joy and happiness, but there is still the sadness and the fear. There is such joy in having a baby in the house again, a "purpose" beyond anything we have had since Taylor. Hearing the little baby noises and the cries is so amazing. The fact that I can love this little guy so much the instant he was put in my arms for the first time. He is absolutely perfect. The hard part is that is exactly what is terrifying. Taylor was perfect. She was such a good baby. Happy and healthy from head to toe. We just keep telling ourselves lightning can't strike twice. Repeating over an over to him all the things he's going to do from riding a bike to graduating college and having babies of his own. He's going to out live us. He has to outlive us. We talk to Taylor, his angel, the big sister he will never get to meet and we ask her to watch over Cade and protect him. Sweet munchkin, please protect your baby brother and protect mommy and daddy's hearts. Missing you and loving you always.

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