Sunday, May 5, 2013

Way too long

I can't believe its been almost a year since I've written. So much time has gone by...Cade is now 15 months and has survived the first birthday. I have been asking myself why don't I write anymore and the guilt succumbs me.  We are living and we are living to what most people would view as very happily. The store is doing well, my job is good, and Cade is such a good happy, strong little boy. Is that bad? Should we not be so "content"? I mean our daughter died. She died way to young. She was ripped from our home and our arms. But ya know the end of the day, she wasn't ripped from our memory. And that sweet little angel has done more in three and a half years than most people can claim in a life time.  I remember someone told me once there would be a day that would go by that I didn't think of her. I remember thinking they were crazy, how could my daughter, my own flesh that we lost from this world, not cross my mind. And while I'm not sure there have been days where I haven't thought of her there are days where my thoughts aren't pure sadness...and I feel guilty. I will always miss her and I will always wonder what she'd be today. But I will also always try to honor her. For she is powerful. This little angel of ours brings out the good in people and the good in me. Our sweet munchkin, Taylor Paige. We love you more thank an ever express.

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