Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Day of Kindness

There is no better way than to start the day with a Random Act of Kindness. While getting my tea at Starbucks, I treated the person behind me and left Taylor's smile for them. And then I was off to Phoenix Children's Hospital for a day of driving donations to help the sick children of the Valley. Watching the phones ring all day and talking to people that had been truly touched by the stories we told on-air was such an inspirational thing. To see the goodness in people at every turn. During a recession, during a crazy Arizona storm, people called by the thousands. Some donating the $10 they could spare, some children giving their allowance, some businesses giving thousands. And many donating in my sweet baby girls memory. Thank you to Kevin Z, Penny and Gina. Those are just the ones I knew about. Thank you for continuing to pass on Taylor's smile.

Mark and I met an amazing family today who's 6 year old, Kate, continues to battle brain cancer. ( Her strength, smile and the determination in her big blue eyes are such an inspiration. We were able to give her a bear in Taylor's name, which she named Snowy. To see the love that their family has through all they endured, is so warming. We were so happy to share our angel, Taylor with them and hope nothing but the best comes their way.

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The Heth'r Project said...

I was that person you treated to coffee that day. Thank you. Amazing idea. I believe in taking care of those around us and where most people overlook a random act of kindness it is helping you heal. It's amazing to remember there are good people out there. I lost my brother suddenly in 2009 and I too feel his spirit reflect in so many things I do. I just love this idea. Thank you for sharing your daughter's spirit. There are with us every second. Many blessings to you and your family.