Monday, November 15, 2010

My Sweet Baby's Birthday

I can't believe it's been a year since the most amazing smile and spirit entered our lives. I'll never forget that day and the joy sweet Taylor brought into our lives. She was absolutely perfect in every way. And while today should be filled with balloons, cake and her little giggles, the silence of the house eats away at our broken hearts.

Yesterday, we were joined by 70 friends and families to paint a home in downtown Phoenix where homeless children can go for food and showers. The outpouring from people was truly amazing. While I know her smile continues to touch thousands everywhere, I would still give anything to hold her and sing her happy birthday. So, on this day more than ever please do your random acts of kindness and pass on our sweet munchkin's smile.


Anonymous said...


I am thinking about you and your husband today on Taylor's birthday. I am also sending a care package to a friend of my husband who will be over in Iraq for Christmas. She has three children under the age of eight at home with their dad. I will make sure to send a card along in memory of Taylor.

Keep smiling. Remember Taylor got her beautiful smile from you. Whenever you smile people get to see her smile :)

Take care <3

Jessica said...

How quietly she tiptoed into our world; softly, only a moment she stayed - but what an imprint her footprints have left upon our hearts. Forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday Baby T <3

Alison Smalley said...

Katie and Mark-- I have been thinking of you and sweet little Taylor today. My thoughts, prayers, and most of all smiles are with you more often than you know.