Friday, November 5, 2010

Rewarding the Good In People

We've all had that experience at dinner or while shopping or in my case at the Gym and the tire store. The experience that exceeds your expectations. But how often do we take the time to pass on to their boss how wonderful that person treated you. Or why not above their boss and to the CEO or President of the company. Sometimes these people are so removed they don't hear how the people on the streets are doing...and when they do, it's usually a complaint. Not only could you give a breath of fresh air to the higher up, but you could really help out the person that made your experience great. One quick little note or voicemail letting someone know how wonderful they are could earn them a promotion or a raise. In fact, in this day and age it could save their job.

I did this awhile back after a great experience buying tires...yes I know how can buying tires be a great experience...well they made it one. Today I went back and acknowledged my spin instructor, for not only being an amazing instructor and kicking our butts, but for creating a family atmosphere and being such a wonderful support to me when Taylor passed and when I returned to class. Something I needed to do this week, a week that's been so tough with Halloween and Taylor's looming birthday. I miss her so much right now, that all I can do to make feel better is pass on her pretty smile.

Love you munchkin!

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