Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks for sending your smile, baby girl

I received the best sign and random act of kindness today.  Over the weekend, I lost a charm that daddy gave me right after our sweet Munchkin was born.  The one piece of jewelry I had from before we lost her.  A Tiffany charm that said "Mom" and Taylor Paige inscribed on the back.  While I don't have many tearful days anymore, when they hit, they hit hard.  The night I realized I lost it, I felt like my heart was breaking again, like I'd lost a peice of my girl all over again...pain that I can't really describe.  We searched the house high and low, but I knew that it was probably lost at the Phoenix Open never to be found again.

Today I received a voicemail from a friend of Mark's that I had just met over the weekend...the sweetest message.  You could hear the joy in his voice that while cleaning the trailer he found the charm and that he could return what he knew must have meant so much to us.  The best part of the story is wife shared with me when I picked it up at their house.  When he found it, his first instinct had him throw it in the trash.  He continued cleaning and said that the glisten of the silver kept catching his eye, so he went back and picked it back up to see Taylor Paige on the back.  Our Munchkin wanted it to come home to me...I just know it and so did they. 

It made me realize, what everyone has been telling us all along.  She wants us to be happy, she wants us to smile, she wants us to make new memories of peace and joy...and that it's all ok, that we won't be leaving a peice of her behind if we do. 

We love you so much baby girl!  And thank you Kevin and Brooke for being her messengers!

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