Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Dreaded Month is Here

I can't believe it's April.  17 days away from one full year.  One full year since we lost the most precious part of our lives.  Taylor, our sweet baby girl.  When I think back to that day, I think about how far we've come and how I never, ever thought we'd make it to a point where the tears only rise to the surface once a day and the gut wrenching sobs only once a week.  When I think back to that day, my stomach turns in knots and my heart beats a little faster.  When I think back to that day, I wish I had done so many things different.  If only I'd known...nap time would never have come. 

So many things I could write about now, but the one that is so fresh in my mind is a story of a soldier.  A friend I've worked with for over a decade, her son.  A brave young man, if you can even call a 20 year old a man.  I think about what I was doing at that age, and definitely won't put any of that in here, but what a brave young man he was.  Fighting for our country.  Looking into the eyes of battle every single day.  And unfortunately, like the story of our baby girl, this story is ridden with sadness.  On Tuesday, he was shot in battle and while he was strong and brave and such a special part of his mother's world, his time on this world was done.  I won't say the story ends sadly as I would never say that about Taylor.  Because these stories must live on.  Their memories must live on!!!  Not just to make me, or his mother feel better, but to make everyone out there better people.  To make everyone out there grateful for what they have.  To make everyone out there hug and kiss their children a few more times each day, because they are the lucky ones that get to do so.  Because his mother, his father, me and Mark would give anything in this world to be able to hug and kiss Dustin or Taylor one more time!

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Julie Q said...

Though I never got to meet Taylor I think of her a lot. I think of you every single day and wish I was closer so I could reach out even more. You are in my thoughts all the time and I miss talking to you.