Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bittersweet Days

The past few weeks have been a reminder that the hole will never go away. Cade brings such joy. A joy that allowed me to enjoy my birthday and Mothers day for the first time in years. And yet, you are missing, you will always be missing and these days, these moments will never be complete without you. there are times I can feel you. Times that I see you in his eyes. Times where I cry holding your baby brother wishing you were here too. He is three months and I swear he can look in my tear filled eyes and it is as if he is sad with me. That he knows mommy misses you and he want to make it better. It is crazy how much you look alike. You could be twins. Beautiful and happy babies. An angel in my arms and an angel in my heart. Forever and always missing you, sweet munchkin. My sweet Taylor Paige.

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